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Learn the Natural Art of Healing in Holistic Healing School

Holistic Healing Schools offer students a medical education that centers around alternative, natural methods of wellness and preventative medicine. If you earn a degree at a Holistic Healing School, you can become a massage therapist, a chiropractor, an aromatherapist, a holistic therapist, or a registered holistic nurse.

There are a number of reasons for earning a certificate or a degree from a Holistic Healing School: most notably, health care is the fastest growing industry in the United States. Another factor in the favorable job market in health care is the increased number of senior citizens who are looking for alternatives to Western medicine.

Holistic Healing Schools for Financially and Emotionally Rewarding Employment

Your salary after earning a degree from a Holistic Healing School will vary depending on your level of education, your geographic location and your level of expertise. Massage therapists can earn anywhere from $30,00 to over $60,000. Registered Nurses with a certificate or degree from a Holistic Healing School can earn upwards of $66,530,1.

If you study at a Holistic Healing School, you can expect courses on nutrition, vitamins and minerals, physiology and also instruction on Eastern medicine. One of greatest benefits of attaining a degree from a Holistic Healing School is the freedom that your career can give you. The diverse number of jobs within the arena of natural medicine coupled with the rapidly growing health care industry make earning a degree from a Holistic Healing School seem like a healthy choice.
Nicole Seaton

Occupational Outlook 2010-2011: Registered Nurses • Oct 10, 2010 • • • 2010-2011
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  Certificate: Massage Therapy
  Certificate: Medical Administrative and Insurance Specialist
  Certificate: Medical Administrative Assistant
  Certificate: Medical Assistant
  Certificate: Medical Insurance Coder
  Certificate: Medical Insurance Technician
  Certificate: Nurse Assistant
  Certificate: Nurse Assistant Training Program
  Certificate: Patient Care Assistant/Technician
  Certificate: Pharmacy Technician
  Certificate: Vocational Nursing
  Diploma: Medical Coding and Billing

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