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EKG Training Prepares You for Bright Medical Future

An echocardiography technician, or EKG tech, is a specialist that knows how to operate an EKG machine. The EKG machine is used by a cardiologist to monitor a patient''s heart for various problems such as heart disease. The EKG tech is the primary operator. It''s a very important position that comes with a certain amount of responsibility, stress, and reward. The proper EKG training, however, can set you up for success.

EKG Training

Becoming an EKG tech will help you to grow in your medical career. Often the first step toward becoming a cardio technologist, EKG training consists of anywhere from 4 to 16 weeks of on the job training, under the direct supervision of a cardiologist or a EKG supervisor. EKG training becomes a great move if you want to get into the medical field, but not spend years in a university setting. EKG training allows you to start your career much sooner and even allows you to grow in the cardiovascular profession.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, cardiovascular technicians earned from $32,800 to $61,580. Often, considering that EKG techs are beginning in the field, you can expect to earn a salary at the bottom of this scale. Don''t let that fool you, however, because this is just a beginning to a career field that the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects to see growth of 24 percent by 2018.
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